Steve Nash: Group Fitness

Guide + digital ad sets + posters + social

Group Fitness classes had always been a big draw for members of Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, but over summer attendance falls. Marketing devised a summer campaign push to drive traffic to the clubs over this quiet period.

Client: Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

My Role

Photoshoot art direction, graphic design

Not everyone goes to the gym to lift weights in a corner alone or climb the Stairmaster with their AirPods in. Group Fitness classes were a core offering at Steve Nash and we wanted to put it front-and-centre. My role consisted of producing a photoshoot centred around all things Group Fitness, which included sourcing wardrobe, directing hair and makeup artists, and art direction. The images from this shoot were then used in a programme guide I designed and the photos were also utilised in a series of class-specific posters and social ads, along with bus advertisements.