Steve Nash: Corporate

Corporate eBook + digital ad sets

The marketing department at Steve Nash was looking for a new angle to attract leads for the sales team. We devised a series of professional eBooks that would function as gated content to gather the contact information of potential leads.

Client: Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

My Role

Graphic design, art direction, copywriting

The corporate program at Steve Nash was in need of some love and attention. My task was creating an ebook design that was fresh and vibrant, in order to attract big bucks from corporate membership sales. This ebook was written by the content marketing team, and I took liberties as well, copywriting headlines to work with the tongue-in-cheek tone I envisioned for the piece. For the photography, I had the challenge of using strictly stock photography, but succeeded in avoiding any clichés that come to mind when talking about offices and workplace wellness.