MPW: Editorial

Empower + Imprint student magazines

At MPW I was tasked with redesigning the entire library of publications and all marketing material for the school. Empower is a newsletter of sorts that is produced twice an academic year. At the end of the final term both editions are then combined and reformatted in to a larger magazine called Imprint.

Client: Mander Portman Woodward

My Role

Graphic design, art direction, print management

It was quite evident that an elevated magazine style would be much more in line with the upscale nature of MPW. I crafted a unique ‘EMPOWER’ identity, utilised iconography and stylised pull-quotes throughout, and created a template using paragraph styles and master pages to allow for easy population to showcase student work and photos in future editions.

For Imprint I used similar elements to keep the design familiar but a different grid structure and more graphic double-page spreads to really attract and hold the reader’s attention.